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Grant Criteria

Eligibility for a grant from the Essex Educational Foundation requires that you must be an educator (Pre-K to 12th Grade) in the Essex Community School District. If awarded a grant, recipient must use the grant to implement the educational program described in the application.

Your Program Must:

  • Expand, enhance, and improve the classroom’s academic environment.
  • Access a broad range of students and involve them directly.
  • Be implemented within one semester of award date unless specifically mentioned and approved in application process.
  • Be endorsed by the appropriate district administrator.
  • Directly align to the district standards, programs, or School Improvement Plan.   

Grant Applications Will Be Reviewed On A Competitive Basis As Follows:

  • Project Goal
  • Description of proposed project.
  • Preference will be given to the projects that benefit the most students.
  • Strong preference will be given to applications that provide for a one-time purchase of reusable equipment, tools, or permanent collections rather than travel expenses or supplies which would be consumed.
  • The desire is to purchase equipment or tools, or to provide new and enchanced programs that would not otherwise be made available.
  • Budget Request
  • Sustainability Plan

Grant Rules


Each educator may submit only one grant application per calendar year.


Requests to move any materials to another program or classroom within the school district from the program or classroom that received the grant must be approved by school administration and a notification must be sent to the Essex Educational Foundation board.


Materials bought with foundation grant should be left with Essex Community Schools.


Approved grant notices will be sent to the teacher and administrator.


The applicants agree to account for and report on the project once funded before the next granting cycle begins. Award of additional grants in the future is contigent on adequate reporting of previous grants. This could be as simple as a thank you, a description of your class, or even photos. 

All required signatures must be obtained before consideration. Please forward your completed application to foundationessexeducation@gmail.com.