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The following briefly describes some of the ways you can help the Essex Educational Foundation provide funds for innovative, imaginative, and inspirational projects and programs that are not within the regular school district budget. All gifts to the foundation are tax deductible. A tax-exempt letter will be sent for all donations over $250.00. However, all donations will be acknowledged! If you have any further questions about how you can donate and help the Essex Educational Foundation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Online donations may be made through Venmo @Essex-EducationFoundation. Please be sure to still fill out the Donation Form below so we have your information! 


Please complete the Donation Form and include it with your donation. Checks should be made payable to Essex Educational Foundation and mailed to the address below!

The Essex Educational Foundation
PO Box 126
Essex, Iowa 51638


Cash is the fastest, easiest way to donate. If you would like to donate by cash, we ask that you please don’t mail to us. Instead, please contact us and set up a meeting.


A donation by planned gifts is the donation of real property, trusts, and other bequests to the Essex Education Foundation that will help to build funds that will secure programs for future generations. If you would like to donate by planned gift(s) please contact us.


Farmers may make a cheritable contribution of an agricultural commodity at United Farmers Co-Op in Essex & Red Oak, Green Plains, and Gavilon in Shenandoah. The foundation will be issued a check for the price of the commodiites value on the day given to the elevator.

If you are looking to make a contribution in any form to the Essex Education Foundation, we ask that you please fill out and submit a Donation Form with your generous gift. You can either print out a copy of the form and mail it with your donation, or you can email a copy to us at

Check out our variety of donation tiers and see which one is right for you!

This donation tier requires a  donation of $1870.00+.

All alumni and friends that participated in activities at Essex School are encouraged to donate $104.00 in recognition of the 104 Corner Conference Championships.

Farmers may make a charitable contribution of an agricultural commodity at United Farmers Co-Op in Essex & Red Oak, Green Plains and Gavilon in Shenandoah. The foundation will be issued a check for the price of the commodities value on the day given to the elevator.

Every bushel counts whether it is 10 or severy 100 bushels and will help enhance and enrich the education of Essex students.

Give a donation equivalent to a dollar a day for one or more years. A dollar a day is less than the price of a cup of coffee but will have a great impact on the education opportunities for the school.

You may choose to make the donation in one payment of $365.00, two payments of $182.50, quarterly payments of $91.25, or have $31.42 automatically deducted from your checking account monthly.

If you would like to sign up for the 365 Club, please call Ian Isaacson at 712.246.8709

Memorials: Donations can be made “in memory of” a deceased family member, friend, co-worker, or former educator.

Honorary Gifts: Your gift cn be made “in honor of” a family member, friend, co-worker, a current or former teacher, or administrator.

Honorees or family will receive a special message noting that a gift was made to the Essex Educational Foundation in thier honor or memory.

Scholarships – Donors can establish a scholarship to acknowledge and honor a teacher, mentor, academic, athletic, or extra-curricular discipline that has had a positive impact on the person that you’ve become.

Planned Gifts – The donation of real property, trusts, life insurance, and other bequests to the Essex Educational Foundation will help to build an endownment fund and secure programs for future generations.

Matching Funds – Many employers offer a matching funds program. Check with your employer for the procedure and email us with information required from the foundation.

Our Donors

Founders Club

Phillip Johnson
Shane Langemeier
Linda Lloyd
Allen & Mary Ann Stuart

Farmers For Education

Johnson 6 Farms
Tim Johnson

Championship Club

Wendy Ackerberg Ahrens
Richard Barrett
John Barton
Julie Blackmon
Mike & Judy Blackmon
Michael & Rachel Cabeen
Sherry Swanson Camilletti
Gerald Carlson
Reggie Carlson
David Casteel
Beverly Currie
Don & Nancy Glasgo Drake
Bruce & Francis Falk
Levi Franks, Jr.
Toby & Megan Slater Franks
Todd & Becki Boyington Franks
Ed Freed
Leslie Freed
Marvin Freed
Bill & Tish Glasgo
Clark & Cindy Green
Dan Gustafson
Mary Lindburg Hamiliton
Brad & Janet Hascall
Don & Cheryl Hascall
Patty Bengston Hascall
Pat & Sheila Herndon
Barry Hilker
Scott & Torrie Honeyman
Darin & Kelli Jauron
Dave & Donna Jauron
Robert Johnson
Deann Jauron Kanouse
Calvin Kinney
Ann Almquist Kummerow
Paticia Lagerquist
Richard Lewis
Dennis & Dianne Liljedahl
Janice Long
Jereld Lundgren
Dianne M Manning
Angel & Dianne Melendez
Kitty Metzger
Beth Stuart Moorman

Mark Nelson
Marlin Newlin
Jesse Niskin
Doug Ohnmacht
Warren Renander
James & Joyce Rosenquist
Bruce & Jean Rydberg
Donna Ross
Thomas Ross
Nicki Saylor
Kirk & Angela Sederberg
John Sederburg
Larry Skalberg
Teresa Stanbrough Scheel
Lisa Perry Strickland
Allen Stuart
Jeff Stuart
Suzanne Stuart
Julie Green Studer
Jill York Swanson
Steve Swanson
Susan Miller Teggatz
Tim & Susie Tillman
Lexi Tyner
Mary & Brons Visockis
Janet Walker
Natalie Quist Wedemeier
Thomas Wendstrand
Bill & Nancy York
Brent & Jolene Youngren
Jake Youngren
Norman Youngren

Other Donations

Connie Apperson
Lowell Burnison
Tim & Allen Carlson
Jan Cloepfil
Karen & James Cunningham
Becky Kirchert Devries
Vicki Flynn
Tracy Smith Grimes
Beverly Isaacson
Charles Lindquist
Dwayne & Jan Lundgren
Mike & Linda McGargill
Trudy Sederburg McNulty
Evonne Meis
Joseph Morgan, Sr.
Carolyn Fredrickson Scheidies
Charlotte Stasko
Dan & Kathy Stipe
Pat Tillman
Lori Freed Waters

Estate Donation

Russ Hilker Memorial Funds

Matching Funds

Alliant Energy Support

Business Donations

Nishna Valley Funeral Home
St. John’s Lutheran Church

Donations In Memory Of

Betty Adkins
Connie Almquist
Glen Confer
Edward Erickson
Lois Burnison Garwood
Larry Glasgo
Chase Heinold
Russ Hilker
Jane Stuart Hudson
Ruth Marie Johnson
Kathy Lorimor
Mike Ohnmacht
Clay Walker
Steve Young

Donations In Honor Of

Leland Ackerberg
Carol Chambers
Sandy Correll
Betty Franks
Patti Gay
Tish Glasgo
Dave & Donna Jauron
Dennis Liljedahl
Diane Liljedahl
Cassie Lundgren
Mark Marriott
Brenda Morehouse
Amber Ohnmacht
Mary Ohnmacht
Kimberly Peterson
Allen & Mary Ann Stuart
Pat Tillman
Nancy York